Ceramics & Palmistry

Start: Possible hroughout the year.

Sign up: as a group.

Cost: € 175,- per person (materials included)

Level: no experience necessary


Number of participants:

In order for the workshop to take place, a minimum of 10 participants must have signed up.


Palmist Ellen Duim & ceramic artist Patty Schilder bring heaven a bit closer to earth.



Wondering what your hands have to tell? During this workshop you will learn in a playful but also serious manner the principles of palmistry.

You will work with a printout of your own hands and learn a lot; not only about palmistry, but also about yourself.


The palm lines of the hand are like a road map – clear signs of the life path we’ve built for ourselves. Our hands reveal our personality, relationship needs, talents and potential, and they provide an aerial ‘advance’ view of our road ahead. 

During the workshop you'll learn to understand the major lines on the palm, explore the various shapes, the position of the fingers and the skin patterns.

It's also possible to cover a specific theme, such as 'talents', 'balance' or 'love'.


The ceramics workshop starts after a small break. At this workshop you can choose one topics and/or themes from the palmistry workshop to create your own work of art in clay or create a collaborative piece of art as a gift for the birthday girl or bride to be.

It’s all in your hands! So come along and have fun exploring the secret language of palmistry and the wonderful world of ceramics.


Ellen Duim is the author of "Het Handleesboek – Breng lijn in je leven", published by AnkhHermes.

Ceramics & Palmistry
Ceramics & Palmistry
Ceramics & Palmistry
Ceramics & Palmistry
Ceramics & Palmistry