Ceramics & wine tasting

Start: Possible hroughout the year.

Sign up: as a group.

Cost: 89,- per person.

Level: no experience necessary.


Number of participants:

In order for the workshop to take place, a minimum of 10 participants must have signed up.


No wine tasting without a wine cooler ... No wine cooler without wine tasting!



In countries around the Mediterranean Sea a terracotta wine cooler is the best way to keep a bottle of wine cool. That gave us the idea to combine it with a special workshop: starting with the creation of a beautiful wine cooler and completing it with the tasting of fine wines.


Do you like to be creative and have a taste for the finer wines? This may be the best workshop for you and your friends. Decorating handmade wine coolers together with your family, friends or colleagues and learning more about wine and wine tasting? You can do all of this at Keramiek Atelier Patty Schilder.


You will get to taste 6 different wines in three rounds, and you can choose a specific wine region in advance. For example: Italian wines or 6 different rosés, or 6 different white Mediterranean wines.


At the end of the wine tasting, we offer you some more wine accompanied 

with a snack. And of course, if there's a wine that you find particularly tasty, you can purchase one or more bottles afterwards.

Creatieve workshop bij Keramiek Atelier Patty Schilder.