Let's Make an Udu

Two-day ceramics workshop.


Instructor: Susan Melo

Level: no experience necessary


Cost: € 139,- materials & firing included

Language: This workshop will be given in English



The udu originates from Nigeria. It is a musical instrument that was developed by the women of the Igbo people, who inhabit the eastern part of the country.


Traditionally, the Udu drums are made of clay where the drum is constructed with coils. The spherical shape has two large openings that are alternately beaten and covered by by hand, creating a deep, resounding bass. 

Depending on the shape and variability of the resonance box, multiple udu drums can be made with a variety of sounds.


In this workshop you'll build an udu in the traditional way. The udu will be finished at the end of day 2 and will be ready to be fired after a few weeks. 


With this workshop there's no lunch provided, but there are lots of nice establishments nearby where you can enjoy a very good lunch or you can bring your own lunch of course.