Ceramics Classes

Enjoy learning all aspects of working with clay in the heart of Amsterdam.


Joining one of my classes is a great opportunity to meet new people and develop your creative skills at the same time.



You can start anytime, provided there’s space in the group.


Level: beginners as well as advanced individuals



The course will run for 10 weeks (with a maximum of 11 weeks, in case you miss one week).


Class schedule:

Monday and/or Tuesday evening: 07:30 pm – 10:00 pm



€ 250,- (10 lessons). Tuition includes: basic materials, firings and refreshments.


Studio information:

Fully equipped ceramic studio with spacious working area, situated in a picturesque setting.



  • Sculptural Ceramic classes for adults of any skill level.

  • Simple techniques for excellent results.

  • An introduction to working with clay in a lovely Amsterdam studio.


During the ceramic lessons you will learn all kinds of sculpting and decoration techniques. You can bring ideas of your own, or respond to the techniques I will show you. 


Because the lessons are designed for beginners as well as advanced individuals, they are tailored to your own specific needs and wishes.


Beginners get explanations about tools, materials, techniques and modeling clay. You can bring ideas of your own, or respond to the techniques I will show you.

When advanced, the emphasis is on developing your own concepts and deepen your own imagery. You can be assured you will get plenty of personal tutoring.


Contact me:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or if you wish to sign up for one of my classes.