Plate making workshop

Start: Possible hroughout the year.

Duration: 3 hours.

Time: in proper consultation

Sign up: as a group.

Cost: € 65,- per person 

Level: no experience necessary

Number of participants:

In order for the workshop to take place, a minimum of 10 participants must have signed up.


Ceramics is inseparably linked with eating, drinking and storing foods.  The making and decorating of crockery is, in many cultures, a traditional craft that is passed down from one generation to the next.

Make your own dessert plate or decorative bowl. You will be provided with various sizes of existing plates and bowls to use as molds.

During this workshop we concentrate on exploring textures while making ceramic bowls or dishes using hump and press molds. Clay is great for picking up the most delicate detail. You can use textured materials such as sacking or lace, stamps, or found objects such as leaves and ferns and gently roll or press your chosen pattern into the clay.

There are molds in various sizes and shapes with which you can get started right away. Just about anything is possible! So let your imagination run wild.